Company Name Contact Info Location
ITOB 10011 Sk. No:6 Tekeli, Menderes / Menderes / İZMİR / TÜRKİYE
Contact Info: +90 232 782 6644
Hall: 3
Stand: 301A
Product Groups
  • Saw sharpeners
  • Saw setting, swaging and dressing machines
  • Saw brazing and welding machines
  • Saw blade rolling and leveling machines
  • Hardening machines for saw tooth points
  • Knife grinding machines for planing, flaking and chipper knives
  • Knife grinding machines for knife rings
  • Sharpeners for moulding cutters
  • Sharpeners for boring bits and routing cutters
  • Universal tool and cutter sharpeners
  • Cleaning machines and equipment for machine tools

In 1965 our honorary founder, Saim KESOGLU began woodworking industry by grinding machinery manufacture in Izmir. ABM corporation, the parent company of our group has been serving and pioneering woodworking industry worldwide for three generations. In 1978, the parent company which started in Yaghaneler, Izmir moved to it’s new plant in Gaziemir and has expanded business by extending it’s capacity. ABM specialization extended twice by moving to it’s modern plant in 1988 with another continuous investment. Since then, ABM has been active in it’s modern facility in Menderes and continues with value-added services worldwide for woodworking and metal industries. Our leading technical and after-sale policy has been supporting the developments in woodworking and metal industries. The driving force of ABM’s success are; true analyzation of market demands,keeping pace up with the technology dynamics, the importance given to human resources and career policy, customer-oriented system and the share of informationknow-how in all steps of management and staff. ABM has reached to a leading level by unlimited after-sale and technical service, on the other hand, for wood working and metal industries we develop turn-key facilities by importing global brands to local and global markets. ABM will always continue to serve with an important role in global industries.


CNC Automatic Band Saw Grinding Machine


CNC TCT Daire Testere Bileme Makinası

UTB SerisiUTB Serisi

Universal Tools Grinder

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